His most recent pursuit for knowledge had seen him passing the Project Management Professinal (PMP®) exam on his first attempt. Prior to this, he has attained the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification which is accepted worldwide as the most prestigious networking certification in the industry. Click on the image for more.



…. I have heard so much about the value of PMP® and thinking of getting one for myself during my last International Assignment in Africa.. unfortunately I could not find a trusted service provider who is familiar with Asian Learning Methods.. I was so glad to meet SK Khor in Telekom Malaysia HQ in Feb 2006! My first impression was AsiaICTpm really knows the value of PMP® well. Their expertises in real life complex IT and Telecom Projects were part of my selection factors. A three months hard works under very personalised coaching methods, I passed my PMP® exam in FIRST ATTEMPT. I am now a PMP® and the new qualification had grant me a new opportunity to take up a new senior position in Bangladesh! Keep up the good job SK and Nan Phin!! Malaysian companies need more people like you! I will bring your guys over to Bangladesh soon…
Mohd Razif Yahya



Asia ICT Project Management provides excellent training for PMP® students. Both SK Khor and Lee Nan Phin are truly dedicated to their profession and have gone the extra mile in ensuring that their students are well prepared for the exams. It has not been easy picking up studies again after a long hiatus but their dedicated efforts have helped me pass my PMP® exams on the first attempt. Thank you SK and Nan Phin!
Dan Yoke Chin



…. I have many years of experience in management but I didn’t have too much time to prepare for the exam. I would say the coverage of pre-test and post-test questions across the 3 modules definitely key contributors to help me to pass my PMP® in First Attempt!! …
Karl Ng



I found the Project Management Program a great learning experience where the course materials prepared by Asia ICT PM very relevant to my current workplace. The PMP® allowed me further build my knowledge and management skills within my organisation. The PMP® certification is definitely a great kickstart to my career development in Australia. Not only am I applying the skills I’ve gained within the IT Project Office in the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC), I am translating those very skills within my PhD research program . Well done SK and Nan Phin for paving the project management path for all IT Professionals!



I had to forgo my taking the PMP® exams in KL a few weeks before the scheduled date when I was relocated to China. Due to focus and time demand by the project I was managing in China I had given up the thought to be certified since there was no Prometric Centre in Beijing. Further the project I was managing will be more than 12 months.

Mr SK and NP, on realizing my predicament, step up their emails and follow-ups encouraging me not to give up efforts to PMP® certification over a period of 10 months. They finally found a solution and specially coordinated for me to take the exams in Hong Kong. Even then I was apprehensive about passing since I have not touch the PMBOK for nearly a year.

With further encouragement I started my revision 3 weeks before and found to my surprise I could recalled a majority of the notes prepared by them. I also found I had been practicing many of the PMBOK principles without even consciously disciplining to them. NP sent me additional revision notes and marked mock up questions. Finally I embarked on a 28 hours train journey to Hong Kong with confidence. I pass my PMP® on my first attempt, 363 days after registration date.

I have both gentlemen my sincere thanks for not giving up on me and their passion to impart PM knowledge. Their combined 35 years of Project Experiences and unique practical teaching techniques together with altruistic efforts help in more ways than one to achieve my dream …to be a certified PM.

I will continue to learn from the guru (SK) of the ‘Quan Xi Project Management”, a skill highly regarded in China!!

Soo Siew Fong



AsiaICTPM, I am done with my PMP®!! Your continuous encouragement and support definitely help me passed my PMP® Exam at FIRST ATTEMPT in just 54 days from the day I signed up!!!

When I started my preparation for the PMP®, the PMBOK was overwhelming. It is a tremendous amount of material to digest and retain for an examination. SK and Nan Phin’s ‘s 5 Day comprehensive PMP® course, broken over 3 separate, modules has put the material in the proper perspective and I can’t think of any other technique I could have employed that would have allowed me to come up to speed on the PMP® as quickly or as effectively. In addition to the quality of the materials that you used and the pace of the class, both of which made the information very easy to absorb, your solid support and encouragement have been of tremendous help…

I would recommend the your course to anyone thinking about taking the PMP exam. Thanks a Zillion!

Siewyoong, Chin



…your kind assistance during and after the class definitely helped me to pass my PMP® in the First Attempt. Appreciate it very much and will introduce potential PMP®s to you in near future …
Carrie Heng



…. I must say this … both Nan Phin and SK are so passionated in sharing their expertise and knowledge in real life project management. They shown concerns when I was down and kept me motivated via a very positive learning environment, The virtual Yahoo’s MSC PMP® Discussion group was an effective tool . . There were reachable whenever I need them .. I am absolutely glad to have facilitators and friends such as SK and Nan Phin …
Joyce Tan



…. The dateline was approaching and I knew I must do it FAST !! But I can’t believe I ever broke the FASTEST PMP® records .. I got my PMP® under the 21 days of intensive guidances from SK and Nan Phin and of course, can’t do without a lot of “Midnight oils” These two guys just simply the guru of the PMP® exam – from first day of introduction to the day I passed my PMP® in First Attempt – no single glitch .. I am proud of my 21 days record!!
Jonathan Toh Ban Chong



I had a lot of pressure from my friends in the industry during the training programs offered by SK and Nan Phin. PMP® is relatively new to them and everybody was watching on me to inform them when and how I can pass my PMP® Exam which required a lot of real life leadership and judgement . I have constant communication with YY from atSC which provided me all the neceesary assistance in the area of administrative and mental support. I followed the ‘SECRET RECIPE’ given by the Xi – FU SK ( the Master) and guest what I became the 10th PMPs in 2006 by AsiaICTpm in First Attempt – Incidentally I passed my exam on 10th August 2006. Definitely SK & Nan Phin will be able to produce the 100th, 1000th and so on PMP®s for the industry ….Cheers!
Yap Woon Han



I am familiar with both SK and Nan Phin as we have engaged them previously several years back. They were engaged to conduct in-house classes for our technical consultants on Complex Systems Integration Management. As I can guarantee to their professionalism, on that basis, I agree to attend their classes without much thought.

Actually I was a replacement participant as my colleague has to be outstation on another project. Despite being able to attend only the last and third class for the PMP®, Module 3, I was able to perceive a distinct focus on the PMP® materials as well as how the answers are supposed to be answered. I feel this can only come from the instructors having both subject mastery and real-world project experiences.

Initially the new PMP® 2003 syllabus appear as unrelated chapters of myriad inputs, tools, outputs and statistics distributions graphs. The thick book appears mind-numbing and even foreboding weeks before the exam. After my 1-day class, everything appears organized and meaningful. It was a matter of re-reading some sections just to polish my understanding.

I believe the most valuable part of this course is doing the mock exam questions. I actually scored 55%, then 62% in several attempts. Nan Phin provided valuable insights telling why our responses were incorrect. But my final actual PMP® score was much higher around 80%. I believe if I was able to attend all 3 days, I probably score higher with less sleepless nights thinking about the exam.

Ramzani Bin Abd Raub



Hi SK/Nan Pin, I sat and passed the PMP® exam today (30th August 2006). Just want to extend my sincere thanks on the help provided.
Andy Tan



No reason for you to fail your PMP® exam, Just pay attention to what Nan Phin and Soon Kheng teach during the class. That’s all.
Michael Chong Kian Keong



… PMP® Certification is important evidence to demonstrate my real life Project Management experience, especially to my client who started to look for PMP® Certified Project Manager ….
Andrew Wong



I wanted a professional trainer that could help me in my preparation to take the PMP® exam amid my busy schedule. As I first started planning for my PMP®, I found difficulty in drawing my study plan until I attended the ASIAICTpm programme. I managed to structure my study and pass in the first attempt. The trainer went beyond just delivering PMP® training, they provides us information and full assistant throughout the entire exam registration and approval process. Besides taking the exam, I benefited a lot from the experience and knowledge gained throughout the 5 days course. I am now more confident with my project management skill and when dealing with clients. Being PMP®, it gives me the opportunity to increase my personal value and better recognized by my clients and colleagues.
Wong Chee Wai



I find tremendous pleasure attending the classes organized by MDEC and Asia ICT PM, it has been a great success with the steady birth of certified Professional Project Managers in Malaysia. Personally, I find the effort invigorating and stimulating to my own personal knowledge and skill as a project manager and has open new perspective to global standards, quality and management styles. They have done a job well done and my hats off to them. Congratulations!
Patrick Gan




* Open the door for me to enter into one of the world recognition Project Management Methodology.


* AsiaICTPM provides me a good guide on PMP® Certification and higher quality of project deliverables.


* AsiaICTPM provides a worth to attend Project Management Course.

Soo Hwee Ching



I have obtained my PMP® on 26 October 2006 (First Attempt) and it given me an opportunity to enter into the International Project Management world with a better recognition. The PMP® course provided by ASIAICTpm was fabulous. I learned a lot and had fun in this course, I would say it is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had.

I would like to extend a personal thank you to SK Khor and Nan Phin, they have gone extra mile to provide me the great training. Without their help my dream would never have happened!

Jeff Chan Chien Siang



Personal Gain: PMP® credential given me the opportunity to explore to the next level of my career path, it increase my confidence to take up a bigger and more challenging project.

Company Gain: PMP® credential give us an opportunity to improve our process and better recognized, it given us the Golden Passport to be competitive for International Projects.

I have no doubt about value of PMP®, it is totally gain after study hard, it is worth not just the certificate but the knowledge and skills that learned to be a more competence project manager.

Thanks again to SK, Nan Phin, AsiaICTpm and Ingenuity Microsystems.

Ong Chew See



AsiaICTpm has its unique way for delivering PMP® in FIRST ATTEMPT. Reasons:

1st, latest information on PMP®.

The lecturers (SK and NP) are not only lecturing in the class, but also actively participating in most PMI related events. This builds up my confidence level because I know that the PMP® examination information is always up to date.

(summary – I’ve confidence on their PMP® knowledge)

2nd, lecturing hours is not the boundary.

The lecturers (SK and NP) will not only teach and interact with students in the class. They are reachable ANYTIME!! That means, I can still get their help on my study even after I’ve completed my lessons. Real-life case: They are willing to spend hours on the phone to explain mathematic calculation on FIXED COST PLUS INCENTIVES question, one of the questions in Post-test paper.

(summary – I’ve confidence on their “willingness to spend time” for student)

3rd, mentors who you can’t run away from.

Yup, the lecturers (SK and NP) will always follow up on your studying progress to ensure that you keep your momentum and REALLY SIT FOR THE EXAM!! This is important as without these mentors, I may delay my exam due to heavy office workload. Furthermore, they are not only “monitoring” your progress, but they “offer help” to ensure you really sit for the exam and pass!! Such help is like: they offered me to attend Module 3 again to provide me another round of exam revision even I have attended once. And the best thing is, attending the Module 3 again is TOTALLY FREE!!

(summary – I’ve confident that they are “result-based” institute than “revenue-based” institute)

It’s great that I know SK and NP, and not just another standard institute. Through out the whole study process, they really assist me a lot. And finally, not to forget about their assistant, YY Kow , who has provided me a lot of help in admin areas.

Ong Keng Aik