Advanced Project Cost Management


Since the global financial crisis, funding organizations are seeking greater confidence to ensure the RIGHT projects are DELIVERED to BUDGET. Additionally complexity of scope and other elements add challenges to defining an accurate cost prediction and controlling the cost performance baseline.

This highly interactive and intensive training workshop provides participants with the latest strategy, proven practices, tools and techniques on how to be effective in preparing, planning, budgeting, spending and controlling project-based cost expenditure.

The workshop combines practical case study examples, hypothetical scenarios, role-playing, group exercises and tutorial style presentations with a focus on collaborative, dialogue and interactive learning.

Iain Fraser

Fellow, Fellow PMINZ
Former Chair, Board of Directors,
Project Management Institute (PMI)

IAIN is globally recognized for his expertise, experience and in-sights on project-based management approaches. In his 30 years of experience he has worked on some of the worlds largest and most complex projects in various sectors. Iain is highly regarded for his experience, expertise and thoughts on all aspects of portfolio, programme and project management and in the support of these functions.

He has particular experience from the oil & gas, infrastructure, power, telecommunications, government, engineering and construction sectors and more recently the banking and government sectors. Clients he has worked with include BP, Shell, Brown & Root, Alcatel-Lucent, Opus International Consultants, Telecom, BHP Billiton, IMCC Ltd, Esso, ASB Bank and KiwiRail as well government agencies across the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Iain has been very active within PMI® globally and is a Past Chair following a term as Chairman of the global Board of Directors. Iain is a founding member of PMI® in New Zealand. He served as Vice President in 1995, National President in 1997 and 1998 (receiving five international awards) and Immediate Past President in 1999 and 2000.