2.5 Hours Executive Introduction To Scrum Agile

Finding traditional working methods wanting, or results lacking even after long periods of effort? In today’s fast-paced environment organizations need to maximize their effectiveness to be competitive. Agile has established itself as the de-facto standard for effective modern organizations but is broadly misunderstood and misrepresented.

This 2.5-hour Executive Introduction to Scrum and Agile helps executive and leadership teams establish a solid foundation in the principles of Agile as well as understanding the benefits of the Scrum Framework, the most broadly applied Agile approach; an approach designed with laser focus on achieving results.



Open minded CxOs and other executives or leadership looking for powerful ways to unlock the potential of their organizations.


  • Start with Why
  • Learning activity to manifest the benefits of Agile and the Scrum Framework
  • Continuous reflective learning with key takeaways for moving forward with Agile in your organization