Agile Project Management Certification Series: Certified Scrum Developer

This is a software development team focused program which fully satisfies the Agile Engineering Practices requirement of the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) program. Upon successful completion of the program students are eligible to apply to the Scrum Alliance for the Certified Scrum Developer designation.

The Agile Engineering Practices course is an intensive 3 Day program which requires a demonstrated understanding of the principles and practices that will be covered during the course, and is appropriate for experienced engineers who have at least 6 months agile project team experience  (Java and .Net software development environment )  and who have already completed the Certified Scrum Master.

This course covers the CSD objectives of Collaboration, Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, Agile Design and Architecture, and Refactoring.

The course focuses on the tacit application of agile practices and principles in an intensive case study that will produce a simple but feature complete product over the course of the 3 day period.

The course is structured around 3 one day Sprints, each Sprint is further broken down into 2 half day working periods that are complete with learning objectives and application of the Scrum Framework including performance of all ceremonies.


This workshop focuses on establishing fundamental capability across the CSD Program Learning Objectives through developing tacit knowledge in each area. The program is structured around 3 one-day Sprints, with each half day representing a session with specific program and project related learning goals.